Monday, July 22, 2013

Hearing crickets chirping...

Ugh, I am such a blogging slacker…
Its not that I don’t care its just that I usually don’t have anything interesting to say.

Today I am refocusing on Kim Klassen’sBeyond Beyond.

The challenge for this week is capturing our furry friends. It just so happens I am cat sitting this weekend. My daughter is out of town and I volunteered to keep Kitty Marie.  It’s a win-win, except when she (intentionally) missed the liter box this morning but that’s another story.

Kim’s challenge was to take a pet portrait. Kim gave us some great tips on photographing animals.

I took quite a few shots of Marie Antoinette.  She’s not a huge fan of the camera and is very skilled at looking away just as the shutter releases. I was persistent though and caught this image. Pretty much sums up her sassy personality.

Sorry I have neglected my blog. I am hoping to do better going forward but I just don’t see myself as a daily blogger, but maybe I can improve upon the once every two months postings. 

Thanks for hanging around.