Sunday, March 2, 2014

#iamconfused in Beverly Hills, day 2


So did you check out the link from my previous post? You may be a bit confused, as was I but my daughter attempted to explain.

Bottom line Shia LaBeouf sits silently with a bag over his head. It’s referred to as performance art. Forgive me if I do not understand the “performance” part. Sunday was the final day of his “performance” and I was curious so we swung by to check it out. My daughter was thinking if the line were short she’d wait to take her turn. Not so much! The photo below shows just a fraction of the line. It snaked to the left along the side of the building.  We struck up a conversation with four twenty-something girls sitting in folding chairs. They had been in line since 4am, it was 1:30pm when we were there! They felt the odds of making it in were slim to none but they were going to wait it out because they had tried the day before and failed. Nuts I tell you, nuts!! But TMZ and BuzzFeed (its headquarters are across the street from the gallery) were all over this story so it was big news that weekend. Needless to say my daughter settled for a photo out front (and yes, that is a real Les Miz tattoo on her thigh).


Then it was off to get up close and personal with the “Hollywood” sign, something else I had never done. My goodness that is some road up the hill to the sign, narrow, winding and houses on each side. You cannot park along the road, which I totally understand. You have to make your way to a very crowded, very narrow parking lot for a dog park. My husband dropped us off because the lot was full.  My daughter and I hiked up the street to get a better photo angle of the sign. I wonder how many selfies were taken with that sign that day, there were tourists everywhere but I am glad we did it, something to check off the bucket list. After our sign visit we hit the road and headed back to Phoenix.

Shot by my daughter

Smog over the city. Taken from the Hollywood Hills

Saturday, March 1, 2014

A visit to Beverly Hills, day one

Valentine's weekend my husband, daughter and I (romantic, huh) took a road trip to Beverly Hills. We had tickets to see Paul Simon and Sting together in concert at The Forum. Our daughter (24 years old) is a huge Paul Simon fan. 
This was my first trip to Beverly Hills, wow we were not in Kansas anymore.

We stayed at the infamous Beverly Hilton. It’s a beautiful very opulent hotel. Its also walking distance from Rodeo Drive that came in very handy.

Merv Griffin Way, of course

Friday night we had dinner at South Beverly Grill and nightcaps at the THE BLVD Lounge of the Beverly Wilshire Hotel (a scene from Pretty Woman was shot here).  It was like stepping back to the “Rat Pack” days. 

Saturday we spent the day wondering around Beverly Hills on foot. I had done some research on things to see in the area so we headed to the “Witch House”. Formerly known as  “The Spadena House” was built in 1921 for a movie studio in Culver City. It was used in several silent films, and then moved to this pleasant residential neighborhood in Beverly Hills in 1926. In 1998 it was purchased by a realtor who later remodeled it. The house is not open to the public but it sits on the corner of Carmelita and Walden Drive so you can wonder around outside. 

We spent the rest of the afternoon wondering around Rodeo Drive. I did see a purse I admired but the $1300 price tag was a bit to steep for me. It was very pretty though!

Art... aka kindling

The famous Rodeo Drive steps

Saturday before the concert we had an early dinner at Bedford and Burns. It was fantastic and I would highly recommend it if you are ever in Beverly Hills at dinnertime. Then it was off to the concert, which was excellent, one of the better concerts I have attended. Man oh man that Sting can sing and Paul wasn’t too shabby either.

Phew, that pretty much sums up our first full day. 
I'll give you a recap of Sunday in my next post but while you are waiting check out this #imsorry you'll learn more about it next time.

Until then....