Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Camera Shy

She’s reached that age; you know the age when they stop smiling when you are hiding behind the camera. The sound of my voice is no longer enough. I’ve tried the goofy faces, squeaky toys and funny sounds but nada. Oh she smiles broadly when she sees my face but the minute the camera comes up, poof the smile is gone.

I’ve decided I needed some help with this so I registered for Elisha Snow’s Big Picture Class Candid Kid Captures. I’m eager to get started and lean some tricks to make that smile stay.  

And since today is Wednesday I’m linking up to Ashley Sisk’s Wittle People Wednesday for the very first time. 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Bring the inside out

That is the current theme for Kim Klassen’s Beyond Beyond class. We were challenged to take a photo of something typically found inside, outside. The photo editing was entirely up to us.

This weekend we were celebrating my son and daughter-in-law’s second wedding anniversary. They received this wonderful bottle of wine as a wedding gift but chose to wait until this year to open it, letting it age you know. The weather was wonderful so we were all outside around the fire pit. It was the perfect setting for a celebration and a lovely glass of Flora Springs 2006 Wild Boar Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon. And a perfect subject for my inside outside photo.

Let the celebration begin.

I did some basic edits in Lightroom then opened the image in Photoshop. I added Kim’s linda texture and empty page texture. I reduced the opacity of each and masked off the linda texture on the bottle and decanter. 

Friday, February 15, 2013

And a new chapter begins

February 9th in the early morning my mom passed away and my life is forever changed. Mom was 88 years old and up until the last two weeks of her life she lived independently, driving, playing mahjong with her friends, attending bible study, taking art classes and making cards. And as it is, as we get older, her health changed in a matter of days. Thankfully I was able to see her one last time and say goodbye. It was time; she was ready (even if I wasn’t). She is now reunited with my dad and they can pick up where they left off 9 years ago.

And so our family goes on thankful for the all the wonderful years we had with Mom but sad for our loss. She was a wonderful woman and I am very blessed to be her daughter but I will miss her every day.

Edith M Reed
December 11, 1924- February 9, 2013