Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Camera Shy

She’s reached that age; you know the age when they stop smiling when you are hiding behind the camera. The sound of my voice is no longer enough. I’ve tried the goofy faces, squeaky toys and funny sounds but nada. Oh she smiles broadly when she sees my face but the minute the camera comes up, poof the smile is gone.

I’ve decided I needed some help with this so I registered for Elisha Snow’s Big Picture Class Candid Kid Captures. I’m eager to get started and lean some tricks to make that smile stay.  

And since today is Wednesday I’m linking up to Ashley Sisk’s Wittle People Wednesday for the very first time. 


  1. what a cutie patootie, even without a smile!!

  2. She is so gorgeous! It gets harder ... they start moving so quickly it's really hard to catch them even with a fast lens. And when they're 5 ... well, mine doesn't want her picture taken much of the time. But that doesn't stop us from trying, does it? After all ... that's what grandmothers are for!

  3. She is so cute Cindy, love those eyes. Lucky you to have this sweet thing to enjoy and photograph her growing.

    Have you tried these for your camera when you are photographing her? I used something like this when I did my grands pictures. They are called Shutter Huggers.

  4. Oh my gosh, Barbara! Thank you for sending that link. Those are perfect! Now the tough decision, which one to get???