Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Road Trip

Shooting with friends, what a great way to spend a day! Sunday I had the pleasure of traveling to Tucson with two of my photography friends. We met last year at Shutter Sisters Oasis in Palm Springs.  This weekend we were able to get together again. We spent the day at the Arizona Sonoran Desert Museum. The museum is a great mix of flora and fauna. They even have a small aquarium (which I found difficult to photograph).  I was able to get this one of these interesting eels sticking half way out of the sand.

We spent most of our time capturing images of the desert plants. It was a bit early for peak blooming but we did find some lovely color, especially against the beautiful blue sky.

Stop back by tomorrow. I’ll a few more shots to share.

Until then….
(and I'm sorry, I have no idea what most of these plants are)

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  1. Beautiful, Cindy and I'm so excited to see photos from the Great Arizona Photo Walk! I've seen some from Deanna, Terri and Barbara H., so I'm delighted to see your, too. So glad you all could get together.