Saturday, April 12, 2014

Breaking the rules... again

Recently my daughter and I had a wonderful girls’ night out at the Phoenix Botanical Garden. We went to a Chihuly After Dark event. We had seen his exhibit the last time it was at the PBG but we went during the day. This was our first experience seeing the glass light. It was very cool! I think his work is amazing.

We both brought our cameras and had fun snapping away. Shooting after dark is tricky and I still need tons of practice. I opted to leave my tripod at home even though I know its “required” for nighttime shooting so the photos are soft and a bit noisy but I’m ok with that. If I have an opportunity to go again I’ll bring my tripod and make it more of a “photo shoot”. I just didn’t want to get so wrapped up in the photo taking that I missed enjoying the art.

My favorite
"Glass cactus"

Squint and you can see the moon.

These ladies were demonstrating some awesome hula-hoop moves. I tried to grab some shots but like I mentioned, I didn’t bring a tripod….

So tell me, do you take your tripod with you for night shoots? Please tell me I'm not the only one who doesn't!

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  1. Oh wow... I would love to see his work in person!