Sunday, April 27, 2014


I participated in the 10th annual Pat’s Run yesterday along with about 29,999 other runners! What a sea of humanity. It’s a very popular local race because it supports the Pat Tillman Foundation that honors a local hero. The race is 4.2 miles, winds its way through Tempe and ends with runners entering Sun Devil Stadium on the Arizona State University campus. Pat wore #42 (hence the race distance) when he played football for ASU (he also played for the Arizona Cardinals). You can learn more about the race and the foundation here: The Pat Tillman Foundation

Just a few members of our running team

Waiting to get the race underway (I was in corral #5)

Runners everywhere

We had our own paparazzi!

A sea of yellow.

Campus construction showing off an image of Pat's AZ Cardinals jersey

Yay! The finish in Sun Devil Stadium.

My post race electrolyte replacement.
(all photos were taken with my iPhone)

This wraps up my race season for the summer. It just gets too dang hot here for me to train in the summer. My next scheduled race is the Disneyland Half Marathon in November. Our training for that race starts in August. 

Next week we are off for a two week vacation. We will be starting in Rome and cruising to Barcelona. I will try to blog while I am gone (I've never done that before) but it you don't hear from me I'll be back soon with plenty of photos!!

Until then...

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