Friday, January 11, 2013

Kim Klassen's Cuppa Challenge

I'm a student in Kim Klassen's Beyond Layers class but honestly I haven't really participated. Oh, I read the e-mails, download the textures and watch the videos but I've never actually done anything with it. Thursday that changed! I signed up for the next version of the class, Beyond Beyond and decided it was time to actually DO something.

Thursday Kim presented us with a challenge. Take a shot with a cup, a book and an accessory then edit it with one or both of her textures, Chaos and Calamity. This is my attempt.

Cuppa Challenge
I desaturated my photo then added the Chaos texture at soft light blend mode, 80% opacity. I masked off the texture on the piece of candy. And yes, that is my undecorated Christmas tree in the background. I'm making progress, slowly.


  1. So lovely, Cindy, beautiful editing !
    Nice weekend,

  2. I love the blues in this. Great focus. It is sad to take the tree down. Take your time. I miss mine.

  3. stunning, great DOF and I like the soft blue tones. Never mind the tree, I just put mine up today after it sat all week naked.

  4. Nicely done with this. I really like that cup and me also still trying to get Christmas put away.

  5. I agree; the powder blue tones are very pretty. I signed up for Beyond Beyond, also. Good luck with your training!

  6. Yeah...we will go Beyond together. I signed up for the first trip, but failed miserably as it progressed. I am gonna try harder this time around. Love your cup and the tootsie roll is the perfect addition!!

    1. and get rid of that frigin' word drives me crazy...just sayin'