Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My first Beyond Beyond challenge

Kim Klassen’s Beyond Beyond class started January 23rd. Our first challenge was to spend some time shooting a still life.  We were to post our favorite or favorites. The top shot in the collage was my favorite from the exercise. The other two were  close runner-ups. We weren’t suppose to move the objects instead we were to move around them shooting from various angles. For me, it was a wonderful reminder to keep shooting beyond the obvious first shot and you may just very well find something special.


  1. Nice shots. I like the one in the lower right corner the best, mostly because of the texture & color of the wood table, although you probably have the best view of the coral in the top shot. All are good. Looking forward to seeing more of your work throughout the Beyond Beyond class.

  2. Lovely, Cindy...really like that table that you are shooting on...gives such a nice texture and great job with the white...that is difficult to capture sometimes.