Saturday, January 11, 2014


I'm. Done!
I successfully navigated my way through Epcot, the Magic Kingdom and HOARDS of runners to complete the Disney World 1/2 Marathon!!! And I gotta say I'm happy it's over.
It wasn't the miles that kicked my butt, it was the weather. I've been training in the morning in the desert, winter temps in the high forties and practically no humidity. But today at race time it was in the mid 60's with humidity of about 99%. Oh my goodness, by mile three I was ready to call it a day. Thankfully I was running with friends who kept me motivated. After the sun came up it actually cooled off and the humidity wasn't as bad so the last 10.1 miles were better (still a challenge, but better).

It's really a fun race. Lots of characters and bands along the parade route. Many of the runners would line up to have their photos taken with the characters. I did not, I was too focused on finishing the darn thing. 
And what's next? A Ragnar, two days, 12 runners and 200 miles.

Let the training begin!!!

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  1. A great big CONGRATULATIONS! Job well done, Cindy.